Hitching a “Smart Ride” & Using Awards to Motivate Ride Sharing

To further encourage the use of mass transit, Connecticut’s transportation officials are addressing other commuter concerns such as greater flexibility of train and bus schedules and an increased number of parking spaces at some train stations.

Annual Operating Costs for Vehicles
(Includes gas, oil, maintenance, tires, license, registration, insurance, taxes, depreciation and finance charges.)

Small Car Mid-size Car Large Car Sport Utility Van
10,000 miles/year $4,380 $5,140 $6,270 $5,980 $5,230
15,000 miles/year $5,565 $6,510 $7,095 $7,485 $6,690
20,000 miles/year $6,680 $7,780 $8,440 $8,620 $7,940

Source: American Automobile Association and Runzheimer International, 1996

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