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Company Surprises Employees with $10 million in bonuses!

Spotted this in the Washington Post. Apparently, employees of the company were surprised with bonus checks that averaged $50,000 but maxed out at $270,000.  Better yet, the amount was based on seniority. My first thought: “How soon can I apply?” As the article says, the bonuses were “life-changing”. The reason for the award? According to […]

Finally, the smoke begins to clear on Safety Incentive programs … or does it?

Over the last four years, there’s been a lot of confusion over OSHA’s stand on Workplace Safety Incentive Programs. Early in 2016 OSHA proposed a final rule that seemed to prohibit almost any workplace safety incentive program. Organizations of all sizes and across industries responded to the proposed change. Predictably, companies that used safety incentive […]