Just One Helpful Strategy Could Transform Your Safety Program!

The only way to real safety improvement is by changing behavior for the long term. Quick gimmicks don’t cut it. You need an action plan that fosters participation and changes your culture.

This DVD is based on the award-winning workshop by Bill Sims, president of the Bill Sims Company.  Bill has delivered this workshop at major industry conferences in seven countries. Based on years of research and over 1000 client projects, Bill walks through case studies and examples of effective behavior-based safety programs.

This 60-minute workshop on DVD explores the role of behavior-based safety recognition as it relates to attracting and retaining high-performance employees and achieving long-term performance improvement among low-performance employees. This DVD will show you:

  • Five key indicators of job satisfaction or dissatisfaction
  • Three ways to identify potential leaders and nurture emerging leadership skills
  • Ten steps in designing safety incentive programs that produce measurable results
  • How to automate your program and reduce the amount of time required to manage it

This workshop is packed with tips and strategies you can apply immediately. Don’t miss this chance to get the latest research and results on behavior recognition and retention!

Participants will obtain the keys to designing a safety incentive program that produces changed behavior, incorporates a tracking system and eliminates abuse and favoritism. We’ll also consider the effects of widening performance gaps among high-achieving and low-achieving employees and their impact on corporate culture.

Finally, Bill addresses recognition for the middle manager–who is usually left out. We’ll demonstrate ways to involve the middle managers in the design and implementation of your program without “overwhelming” them with yet another job task.