Company Surprises Employees with $10 million in bonuses!

Spotted this in the Washington Post. Apparently, employees of the company were surprised with bonus checks that averaged $50,000 but maxed out at $270,000.  Better yet, the amount was based on seniority. My first thought: “How soon can I apply?” As the article says, the bonuses were “life-changing”. The reason for the award? According to […]

Finally, the smoke begins to clear on Safety Incentive programs … or does it?

Over the last four years, there’s been a lot of confusion over OSHA’s stand on Workplace Safety Incentive Programs. Early in 2016 OSHA proposed a final rule that seemed to prohibit almost any workplace safety incentive program. Organizations of all sizes and across industries responded to the proposed change. Predictably, companies that used safety incentive […]

Why Cash & Store Gift Certificate Incentives Often Fail

When you ask employees what they’d rather have, cash or a gift, they always say, “Oh, just give me the money.” So why is it that when you give them cash or cash substitutes like Gift Certificates to the local mall, it’s less effective than doing a gift program like ours? There are several reasons. […]

I’m Confused…

I’m confused . . . Recently I was greatly honored to be asked to do a keynote speech at the Behavioral Safety Now (BSN) conference ( “Who, me?” I asked. Most of you know that the folks at BSN have pretty much set the gold standard in behavior based safety (BBS) thought leadership for some […]