Help Your Client Stay Safe With Proven Tools That Reward Safe Behavior.

Are you an insurance company that wants to help your clients reduce accidents and encourage safe behavior? solutions equip your clients to create a culture of safety and improved employee performance. We partner with leaders in the insurance industry to help clients reduce injuries by up to 70%.

Old school, lagging indicator Safety Incentive systems like safety bingo cause injury hiding, OSHA fines and citations, and they provide only short term injury reductions. After a short run, the programs fizzle, enthusiasm wanes,  the old problems resurface and injuries increase…..sometimes going higher than before.

With our leading indicator positive reinforcement systems, we help your clients  achieve real, lasting behavior change, without injury hiding. Our patented process is easy to administer, and it meets and exceeds OSHA guidelines. We provide presentation materials co-branded with your company. We equip your sales teams to deliver additional value to clients and prospects without additional cost. Contact us for more information on this program.

Here are just a few of the insurance companies we partner with: