Improve Performance and Reduces Injuries with the Patented Smartcard System

The SmartcardTM System combines behavior change best practices with patented tracking and measurement tools to create lasting results and significant ROI.

OSHA has cracked down on old school “lagging indicator” safety incentive programs plagued with injury hiding and questionable results. SmartcardTM — powered by positive reinforcement — not only meets and exceeds OSHA requirements; it delivers real performance improvement and injury reduction of up to 70%!

Over ninety years of research shows that performance dramatically increases when individuals are trained how to perform, then positively reinforced when they do so.

smartcard1How Smartcard Works

Employees receive customized SmartCardsTM featuring pictures of your employees demonstrating “best practice” behaviors in safety, quality, or any other area. Confirmation that employees have received training and understand it is critical. The Smartcard System documents this for you.

We report participation levels to you by site, department or any other group that you specify. Middle managers are rewarded for driving participation in the program.

Positive, Immediate, & Certain Reinforcement

Positively reinforcing new behavior is the key to making it permanent. Smartcard is the only tool that provides positive, immediate and certain reinforcement. You recognize and reward participants as they demonstrate desired behaviors, in effect catching them “doing it right”. Complete transparency eliminates suspicion of abuse and favoritism.

Customized for Your Organization

No two companies are alike, and that’s why “canned” safety incentive programs often fail. Our Smartcard Positive Reinforcement system is completely customized around your organization to deliver measurable and lasting behavior change.

Results and Return on Investment

Most firms implementing the Smartcard System see a 50 to 70% reduction of injuries the first three months of implementation.


Smartcard Results

“Since adopting this program we have seen a steady decline in Lost Work Day (LWD) injuries across the fleet—over a 60% decrease in worker’s compensation claims. Of course we also enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that those that work for are going home healthy to enjoy their family time and vacations.”  – Maritime Company

“The Smartcard Positive Reinforcement System reduced our vehicle crashes and injuries more than 40% in just four months.”  – National Pest Control Company

“Your company has done a fantastic job for Cooper Smith. The Smartcard™ program and your help and direction have been instrumental in helping us reduce accidents AND promote a safe working environment.”  – Cooper Smith Inc.

“We lost over $30,000 annually to income taxes when we awarded cash and store gift cards. Then, we switched to your tax-free program and put 100% of our budget in the hands of our employees! And we increased behavior based observations and employee safety involvment by 44% in three months.”  – Georgia Pacific