Recognize Any Positive Behavior With Full Transparency and Tracking.

The Genesis Rewards System is a whole new way to think about employee behavior change and recognition. Over three years in the making, Genesis may well become the “SAP” of employee reinforcement and behavior change.

Using Genesis, every single behavior and task you can imagine can be reinforced and recognized with full transparency and tracking. Weak points and strong areas emerge. Integrated employee surveys and assessments, and much much more…

  • Comprehensive, Customized Training and E-Learning Platform
  • Online Peer to Peer Recognition
  • SPOT Recognition
  • Multi-level recognition platform with “drill down”  transparency
  • Group/Team Recognition
  • Service Recognition
  • Bright Idea Suggestion System Tracking
  • Employee Survey
  • Online and Offline Solutions
  • Telephone Support
  • Toll Free Customer Service